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Products and Services

The BD-Institute sponsors, licenses, or directly provides training, appraisal services, and support to organizations that want to maximize business development results through the BD-CMM. Our most popular offering is the BD-CMM Quick Start™, which packages BD-CMM training and an appraisal in a single project.


Providing BD-CMM appraisals is one of the BD-Institute's primary services. Appraisals provide an opportunity for BD-CMM adopters to receive expert, independent feedback on the maturity of their business development operation. And "mature capability" equates to increased revenue and profitability.

Training Programs

The BD-Institute offers several training programs. These include training designed for executives and other decision-makers, those needing a general knowledge of the BD-CMM and its key practices, and those who require an in-depth understanding of the model. These include the following offerings, as well as shorter executive overviews:
  • "Orientation to BD-CMM Concepts and Implementation" (one day).
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  • "Metrics to Manage BD Performance" (one day). Learn More...
  • "Key Practices of the CMM¨ for Business Development" (two days).
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  • "Introduction to the CMM for Business Development" (three days).
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Research and Knowledge Management

To assure that our understanding of business development performance continues to grow, the BD-Institute conducts an annual Research Forum designed to address issues of significance to our Community of Practice. In addition, we have undertaken development of a body of knowledge, BD–KnowledgeBase™, through which to deepen our understanding of both theory and practice.

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